Water Damage Photo Gallery

Empty room with flood cuts and green equipment set up.

Large Water Loss in Arlington Heights

Our SERVPRO of Arlington Heights/Prospect Heights team was called to action after property in Arlington Heights, IL suffered from severe water damage that affected several large rooms on the property. Water damage cleanup and restoration is no problem for our SERVPRO team!

Thermal camera in action pointed towards a ceiling showing a dark spot where water is hidden.

Thermal Camera Uncovering Water Damaged Ceiling

If your home or business in Arlington Heights, IL suffers from water damage, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO team a call. Our team has the training, experience, and expertise to make your water damage loss seem "Like it never even happened." We use advanced technology to locate and remove hidden moisture from your home or business.

exposed ceiling in a home showing wood beams

Water Damaged Ceiling in Arlington Heights

After heavy rain blew through the Arlington Heights, IL area our SERVPRO of Arlington Heights/Prospect Heights team was called to the scene. Once at the scene, our crew quickly began the water damage cleanup and restoration process.

SERVPRO of Arlington Heights/Prospect Heights- Water Damage Restoration

Don't hesitate and give SERVPRO of Arlington Heights/Prospect Heights a call if your home or business suffers from water damage. Our team is highly trained in water cleanup and restoration and is always on standby and available to respond.

Water Damage in a Prospect Heights Home

This picture shows one of our technicians setting up some drying equipment like a dehumidifier which helps draw out the moisture from the air and some fans that also help out in the drying process by providing air circulation.

Burst Pipe In Prospect Heights Home

If you look closely you can see the pipe in the wall that needed to be repaired since it had been the one that burst in this Prospect Heights home. As a result, the whole bedroom was affected and we needed to remove the carpet pad and set up some drying equipment to dry the bedroom walls and the bedroom carpet.

Wet Drywall Removal in a Prospect Hts. Home

This Prospect Heights home sustained several inches of water which then affected the drywall. We needed to cut at least 2 feet of wet drywall out and extract all of the wet insulation behind the walls. We found that the insulation was wet all the way up, which meant the entire wall, had to come out.

Water Extraction in an Arlington Heights Home

Here our technician was extracting water from the soaked carpeting that had sustained lots of water due to a sump pump failure. The homeowner wanted to salvage the carpeting so we extracted the water, floated it and set up drying equipment.

Removing water from a Prospect Heights Home

We needed to extract several inches of water from a Prospect Heights home that had experienced a sump pump failure. The picture shows our hose pumping out the water and our technician hauling away wet carpet and pad.

Floor Removal in Arlington Heights Home

Our technician is shown here removing water damaged flooring in an Arlington Heights home where the basement of the home sustained a flooded basement due to a sump pump failure.

Removing Wet Walls

Here our technician is removing drywall  to allow drying  to the structure  and is removing the drywall  to allow for removal of the  wet insulation that went up the entire wall!  .

Wet Walls

Here our technician is removing baseboards to allow airflow behind the walls. This Prospect Heights home’s basement sustained several inches of water due to heavy rain and therefore the water affected the drywall.

Water Damaged Basement

The floors completely removed and drying equipment placed.  Removing the flooring was necessary because there was water that got under the flooring materials.  SERVPRO of Arlington Heights/Prospect Heights is working to make this "Like it never even happened." 

Water Damaged Basement

Beginnings of the floor removal.  Once water gets trapped under laminate flooring it needs to be removed.  Here, SERVPRO of Arlington Heights/Prospect Heights is pulling the floor to start the mitigation process.  

Water Damaged Basement

Holes drilled into the walls to promote better drying and less demo was found to be the best way to dry out this room.  Holes are placed to allow air to travel into the next room and dry out the cavity in the wall where the studs are found.  

Water Damaged Basement in Prospect Heights

We attempted to dry out the walls and floors of this Prospect Heights home’s flooded basement but eventually we needed to remove the flooring and drill holes at the baseboard level to get air behind the walls.

Burst Pipe Damage

Due to a burst pipe, the toilet had to be removed to get access to where the water was coming from.  Once removed, the mitigation process begins, making it "Like it never even happened." 

Secondary damage from the burst pipe

Here we are extracting water that spilled over to a room next to the bathroom where the pipe burst, shows you how extensive the water and damage can be!  It is always best practice to shut off the water source as soon as possible to limit the damage to your home or commercial property. 

Drywall removal

Here we removed the wall behind the vanity due to the burst pipe, you can see the damage that would have gone unnoticed had we not removed it.  Opening up the wall gave us a very clear cause of where the water was coming from. 

Water damage affected area

Another picture showing the affected area behind the vanity and showing how wet the wall really was! When you remove the wet building materials it gives a clear picture of just what all needs to be done to make it "Like it never even happened."

Wet Vanity

Due to water damage to a vanity, we had to remove the vanity to dry behind it, and to dry the flooring and the walls.  As you can see the water damage has destroyed the cabinet.  

Cleaning Up in a Prospect Heights home

Once the holes were drilled, our cleaning technician vacuumed up the drywall debris so as to leave the home tidy after the day’s work was done. Our technicians always strive to leave the property in the best possible condition before leaving for the day.

Job Site in Prospect Heights

This Prospect Heights home had a water damage due to the sump pump not being able to keep up with all the rain that occurred. Here you can see one of our technicians drilling holes at the baseboard level so as to get some air flow behind the walls.

Flooded Basement in Arlington Heights

The customer in this Arlington Heights home experienced a water damage due to a sump pump that failed during the recent heavy rains. Our technicians had to remove the carpet and pad since the carpet had become damaged from the water.

Ceiling Damage due to Toilet Overflow

The ceiling of a homeowner's first floor powder room was damaged due to a toilet overflowing on the second level of the home. Unfortunately, the homeowner was not home when this occurred and therefore the water managed to get into the floor which was the ceiling of a first floor powder room.

Water Damage interior walls

Here you can see the water stains on the wall pertaining to the first floor powder room. Water had fallen from a second floor toilet down into the powder room affecting not only the ceiling but also the walls.