Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Exterior of home with fire damage.

Fire Damaged Home in Arlington Heights

This home in Arlington Heights, IL suffered severe damage after a fire ravished through the property. Our SERVPRO team received the call and quickly responded. Our team knows how devastating a fire loss can be and we are dedicated to being there to help!

House fire in Arlington Heights

A fire can cause devastating damage to your home or business. Not only will there be fire, soot, and smoke damage, there will possibly be substantial water damage to your property as well due to the fire fighting efforts performed, but SERVPRO of Arlington Heights/Prospect Heights has you covered.

Large Fire Loss in Arlington Heights, IL

Call SERVPRO of Arlington Heights / Prospect Heights for your fire damage cleanup and restoration needs in Arlington Heights, IL. Our crew is highly trained in fire damage cleanup and restoration and are always available for immediate response.

Kitchen Fire in Arlington Heights, IL

The fire that occurred in the kitchen destroyed a couple of the home's kitchen cabinets and spread soot throughout  the whole two story home.  Smoke and soot travel during a fire and cause damage to many areas of the home.   Even in rooms that are far away from the source of the fire. 

Fish Tank Fire

This residential fire was caused by a fish tank that malfunctioned.  The heating element for the tank's water stopped working and regulating the temperature correctly and the tank stated fire in this customers home. 

Fish Tank Fire

Another picture of the fire damage culprit.  This fish tank water heater caused the fire that spread smoke and soot throughout this customers home.  SERVPRO of Arlington Heights/Prospect Heights was on the spot to make it "Like it never even happened." 

"Fire webs" caused by the fish tank fire

Fire webs found in the basement joists of the home.  People think that these are spider webs sometimes after a fire, but indeed they are indeed caused by the soot and smoke from the fire. 

Additional damage

Additional damage from the fish tank fire to our customers home.  Drywall had to be removed, drying of the wet areas in the room was necessary, and cleaning up of the soot and smoke damage.  

Soot got everywhere!

Soot caused from the fish tank fire in the basement got into the kitchen cabinets.  Soot and smoke damage travel during a fire, and the clean up process can be one that travels all throughout a home or business.  Even sometimes rooms away from the source of the fire.